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Corcova Salt Spa offers a variety of salt therapy options to fit your needs. Start your experience out in our complimentary tranquility lounge where you can begin to tap out on the stress of daily life. Now you're ready for your Himalayan salt session. Sit back inhale deeply and allow the microbial salty air to open your sinuses and lungs. All you have to do is breathe! True salt therapy requires multiple sessions to achieve maximum health benefits. Express sessions (25 minutes) can be customized to fit your specific symptoms.


$40.00 Single Session

Additional Discounted Packages Available

Leave your worries behind while relaxing in our semi-private salt cave to the soft glow of Himalayan salt and peaceful music. Use this quiet time for meditation and rest while your body receives all the restorative benefits of breathing the salty air. Sessions are 45 minutes long and start on the hour.


$40 Single Session

Additional Discounted Packages Available

Don't have time for a longer salt room session? We have express sessions that might be just the thing you need. Our private salt bed provides t he same benefits as the salt room but in a private setting and customized for your specific wellness needs. Relax on the warm pink Himalayan salt crystals and feel the difference. Sessions are 30 minutes long and can be scheduled for your convenience.


$30.00 Single Session

Additional Discounted Packages Available

Our halotherapy booth provides relief to those who have a hard time breathing while lying down or mobility is limited. The booth provides the same benefits as the salt room and salt bed but allows you to sit or stand for your comfort. As you breathe in the salty air your lungs will expand, and sinuses will clear. Sessions are 30 minutes long and can be customized to your specific wellness needs.