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Knowing that we all like to feel balanced from the inside as well as beautiful on the outside, Corcova Salt Spa provides a full range of spa services to top off your experience. Pick one service or pick a package of services to complete your day.



Corcova Signature Facial

Farmhouse Fresh

60 Minute Farm to Treatment Watercress Moisturewave Hydrating and Balancing Facial

• 60 Minute Gemstone Facial

• 60 Minute Microdermabrasion Facial

• 60 Minute Signature Facial

• 60 Minute Back Facial

• 60 Minute Dead Sea Mud Facial

• 60 Minute Bountiful Berries Facial

• 65 Minute Deluxe Lymphatic Facial

• 30 Minute Lymphatic Facial

Men's Services

• 60 Minute Facial

• 50 Minute Restorative Foot Soak with Leg/Foot Scrub & Massage

    *upgrade with a Gentleman's Handshake Hot Wax Paraffin Dip

*Cancellation/No Show Policy: We reserved time and space especially for you and require 48 hours notice for group and package appointments. A 24 hour notice is required for all other individual appointments. If less than the required notice is given we reserve the right to charge 50% of the full scheduled session/service.



• 60 Minute for Cellulite

• 60 Minute Signature



NEW Corcova Massage

Very Velvet Massage

60 Minute Organic Velvet Sunday Shea Butter with Agave Nectar Boy Oil Massage

• 30 Minute Relaxation

• 60 Minute Relaxation

• 30 Minute Deep Tissue

• 60 Minute Deep Tissue

• 60 Minute Hot Stone

• 90 Minute Hot Stone


Relax and decompress from the daily stresses of work and a busy life in our Tranquility lounge. Use this space to prepare for your treatments or just to have some quiet time. Complementary detox water and/or organic hot herbal tea included in this experience with fresh organic cucumber slices to sooth stressed and tired eyes. This tranquil retreat will sooth the mind body and soul!



Warm paraffin dips assist in soothing dry, de-hydrated skin and increasing circulation to help relieve joint aches and stiffness.


The Ionic Foot Detox is a high-tech water detoxification system that assists the body's ability to heal itself. This foot detox machine cleans, balances, and enhances bio-energy within the body. What are the health benefits of the Ionic Foot detox program? This detox program will help your body with:


• Less Fluid Retention

• Reduction of Inflammation

• Improved memory

• A more balanced pH

• Improved Skin Issues

• A stronger Immune System

• Significant pain relief, inclusive of, but not limited to: Arthritis, gout, and headaches.


NOTE: This system and program does not claim to cure or treat any disease or injury. It assists your body to rebalance its bio energy fields, and stimulates the body for detoxification. The body's organs will function better when there are fewer toxins in the body.