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Brown Sugar & Honey Skin Polish + 100mg CBD - 4oz

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An ultra-hydrating, renewing body scrub to smooth and relieve rough patches. Exfoliating brown sugar removes dead skin cells while CBD isolate promotes cell turnover to generate new, healthy skin cells that leave your body's largest organ flawless and glowing. An ideal scrub for those with sensitive skin!

Both honey and coconut oil contain beneficial fatty acids, reduce inflammation, help to heal wounds, and contain powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Coconut oil is an ideal topical moisturizer and honey helps to provide a lasting protective barrier on the skin.


100% Organic Ingredients: coconut oil, raw honey, brown sugar, CBD isolate.

This is a daily essential for smooth, youthful and glowing skin!Add it to your daily routine.The organic sugar and honey mix removes dead skin cells as the CBD (THC FREE) regenerates new healthy cells leaving your skin soft and smooth.

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